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About me:


Welcome! I'm dedicated to making your piano learning journey a playful and joyful experience. To me, music isn't just about notes and keys; it's about creativity, exploration, and most importantly, having fun. My lessons are tailored to your unique aspirations, whether you're just starting to explore the world of music or looking to refine your skills.

With my well-rounded yet playful approach, I try to infuse each lesson with creativity and excitement, ensuring that every moment is an engaging adventure. I firmly believe that learning should be an enjoyable process, and my commitment is to provide a musical education that's as delightful as it is instructive.

With years of experience in music education and a genuine passion for nurturing your musical talent, I invite you to join me at Mohr Piano Studio. Together, we'll create a harmonious symphony of learning and fun!"


I have 10+ years of experience teaching piano to all ages and skill levels. I have also taught private percussion lessons, percussion ensembles, and early childhood music classes. In addition to over a decade of teaching experience I have a bachelors of music from San Jose State University. My experience with different age groups and classroom formats has helped me grow as a patient and flexible teacher who can meet the needs of each individual student. 

I currently teach on my upright acoustic piano out of my flat in Prenzlauer Berg. 

I look forward to working with you,

Chelsea Mohr

Piano teacher looking at book.
Piano teacher with family

A little more:

     I moved to Berlin at the end of 2021 with my husband, young daughter and 2 cats. I love reading, creative pursuits, cycling and learning new things. I am just re-entering the working world in 2023 after spending the last few years moving and being a stay at home parent through the pandemic. I am really excited to get back to teaching and grow my career in Berlin. In the future I hope to become fluent in German and maybe even get my masters in Music Therapy!

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